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You were looking for Trouble, and now you've found us. Welcome to a rather special members' club: we are here to enliven your mind, to expand your circle of friends, and to build a society of smart and engaged people who share the same interests. 


We have a rich programme of talks and debates, dinners, private evenings out at cultural openings, and foreign jaunts. We work with some of the finest venues in London - currently The Groucho Club in Soho and the Corinthia Hotel, near Westminster - for really special evenings out. For what's on, see our schedule.

A bit of history: Trouble first started in 2014 running pop-ups club and evenings in and around Soho. We've had evenings on everything from politics and economics to art, film, gaming and sex, and also drunk a fair amount of gin. There have now been several thousand people through our various doors, many of whom have become friends, done business together and keep nagging us to do more events.

There's a few things you should know about Trouble. It is led by women, founded by Joy Lo Dico, moonlighting from day job as an editor and writer at the Evening Standard. Its mission is to get great women speakers on stage and to build the bonds across the group.

You are probably by now asking how to join? We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, rather than exclusive, club. Whatever walk of life you come from, you are welcome to apply. Membership is £45 for six months. Men are also absolutely welcome, indeed we'd love to have you share in this goal, just be aware you might be outnumbered. 

The best of way of keeping in contact for updates is via our Facebook group  and checking your inboxes for our monthly mail-outs. If you'd like to get the monthly Trouble newsletter, sign up below.


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