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Untroubled: The Risks of Procrastination with Dr Fuschia Sirois

7pm, Monday 2nd September, Mortimer House

Does anyone else feel that if they didn’t give in to the overwhelming force of procrastination they’d probably have written 3 books, gained a PhD and built a successful company all while maintaining the muscular definition of Thor? The tempting voice in our heads that forces us to leave everything till the last minute or avoid the difficult entirely isn’t just stopping us from reaching our full potential but may also be bad for our health.

To save us with facts and figures we have Dr Fuschia Sirois, leading psychologist in the field of health and well-being, coming to tell us about the science behind our dithering habits. Dr Sirois has been researching the human habit of procrastination for over 14 years with a special focus on chronic procrastinators. If you want to learn why we procrastinate and how to overcome the urge, then book a ticket now (don’t wait till the last minute).


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