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Curious Arts Festival: The History of Sex

Curious Arts, the literary festival will be returning this year and they have some incredible speakers lined up including Misha Glenny, Kirsty Laing and THE TROUBLE CLUB!

Yes, they’ve given us a stage on the 24th of August where a trio of sexperts will discuss the History of Sex. One of London's most celebrated literary lesbians, Stephanie Theobold will join Rowan Pelling, former Erotic Review proprietor and Daily Telegraph columnist and author, Dr. Fern Riddell. A historian who specialises in sex, suffrage and culture in the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Beware this event is not for prudes.

If you’d like to purchase a ticket for the event, head to: Our members will get a 25% discount. Send us an email at to receive the code.