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Bitcoin: Boom or Bust?

7pm Monday 20th August, Groucho Club, Dean Street

Led by the Financial Times’ Chloe Cornish, we’re going to decrypt the world of crypto-currencies. 
Is it worth having a portfolio of crypto as well as a portfolio career? Or is it just a made-up market? What's an ICO and where do you take your pick-axe to go mining? And why has this virtual currencies world sprung up, and how is bro-culture impacting who gets a way in?

To discuss, Trouble’s panel will include Aless Sollberger, who founded health food company Evermore off of the back of her bitcoin investment, Anushka Sharma, the founder of frontier tech company Naaut, who can tell us how the blockchain functions for an interplanetary future, and Sarah Azouvi, PhD research student at UCL’s Computer Science Department.

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£20 for non-members of Trouble

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