Over The Influencers - with Holly Bourne and friends

Over The Influencers - with Holly Bourne and friends


7pm Monday 16 July at the Groucho Club, Dean Street

Social media - especially Instagram - brims with them, but what makes an influencer? What influence can they actually have? Is it fair that domestic abusers chucked out of TOWIE can still make a living from their social media presence? Is it right that teenagers can amass thousands of followers? How does this new class of celebrity work - does taking photos holding up sachets of tummy teas even count as work? And how do we the public lap it all up?

To discuss, Trouble is hosting Holly Bourne, the author of best-selling novel How Do You Like Me Now, journalist Vicky Spratt, art director and trend researcher Natalie Hasseck and Sirin Kale, Broadly associate editor who recently explored an influencer-only app INTO, offering influencers free dinners in exchange for social media clout.


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