NHS: is it serving the 21st Century?

NHS: is it serving the 21st Century?

from 8.00

Monday 18 September 2017

7pm at the Groucho Club

With NHS manager Sarada Chunduri-Shoesmith, former NHA Party candidate Jack Monroe, doctor and co-chair of the Young Medical Women International Association and chair of the Young Fabian Health Network, Sonia Adesara

Apparently there's going to be £350 million going spare for the NHS after Brexit. Ho-ho. But, seriously, what are we going to be do about the NHS?

Some of us worship it, some of us wonder whether our problems have got too big for it. And, with so many people living longer, has it become a victim of its own success in keeping us alive for so long?

This evening is a look under the bonnet of the NHS, with those who know what they are talking about, plus a chance for a hearty and heartfelt debate about this key part of British life. Expect Jack to be particularly noisy. 

And what would you do with that £350m?

£8 for members and one guest, £15 for non-members

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