Molly's Game

Molly's Game


Monday 11 December 2017

6pm Entertainment One Films, Fitzrovia

As a Christmas treat, Trouble has been offered a free screening of the film Molly’s Game, which isn't released nationwide until New Year's Day. Because it sounds like a full deck of fun, we’ve said yes. It is also an excuse for a little pre-Christmas drinks evening.

The film is based on the memoir of high-stakes gambler Molly Bloom, who saw her world tumble after getting too close to the Mafia, Jessica Chastain plays the lead, one of those rare female characters who “are proactive, have their own point of view and don’t just react to men around them”, as the actress puts it. And if your celluloid desires aren’t so lofty, the gorgeous Idris Elba co-stars.

Once the credits roll, we’ll head over to a local pub for drinks and a debrief, card games optional.


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