Dolly Alderton and friends...

Dolly Alderton and friends...

from 8.00

Monday July 31 2017

7pm at the Groucho Club

Our ever pluralistic habits, hobbies and pastimes can combine with the workplace hazards of presenteeism, impostor syndrome and lengthy commutes to create the grim feeling that there’s never quite enough time in the day to do everything or enjoy anything. Dolly Alderton, a writer who has just put the finishing touches to her debut book, Everything I Know About Love, will be in discussion with journalist Helen Nianias and ITV news anchor Charlene White on how to make a good balance of work, play and rest. Helen manages to cultivate not only a career but an entire flat full of plants in between stints reporting from the ground at various refugee camps across Europe and the Middle East, and Charlene White, who reports daily on the big issues affecting the UK, will be a voice of adult-ly reason and togetherness for our two just-about twentysomethings. Full disclosure, when we asked Charlene to attend, she did say: ‘I don’t think anyone has their shit together!’

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