How do I become a member? First, self-select yourself as a smart and engaged individual and then fill out the form below. We'd like to get to know you so please fill out as many details as possible below. We will get back to you in a couple of days about your application. 

Membership costs £50 for six months and is payable through a Direct Debit. It is simple to set up, leaves you in control of payments, and we will guide you through how to do it. 

Membership will you bring many good things

  • Free or low price tickets to our talks for you and a friend: a typical talk costs £20 for a non-member, for members it will usually be free or priced just to cover costs

  • Access our exclusive members' dinners: hosted at amazing venues around London, and always affordable, we sit down to chew over the issues of the day with a great meal

  • Invitations to private cultural evenings: specially selected outings to galleries, the theatre and other events at reduced prices or free

  • Be part of the Trouble noticeboard: We send out a monthly newsletter to thousands of subscribers. If you want to promote an event, or appeal for collaborators, and it is appropriate to the group, we will include it for free

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